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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

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so i tried installing the quicktime streaming server, but to no avail. it's still driving me crazy that nefarious still sometimes thinks its nemo, and that tess knows she's tess when she's at school but becomes "localhost" at home. i know it has to be something inherent to the machine & maybe the dns server, but how can i change it?

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i love web server logs: for some reason, people have been combing through my mp3s. i think the explosion of requests has something to do with the fact that nefarious.web has been posted at at least one mp3 archive site. hmmm. referer logs are fun, too, though i am amazed and appalled at what people are typing into google to stumble across my relatively innocuous site about shaving my head. *blushes*

[#] [0]
yay! ben actually wrote, and he wrote all about the first day of the new york bar exam.

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staff appreciation picnic today (if i had only remembered!). jenn & i did not win the balloon toss, though i did manage to almost incapacitate mike irick when i threw a water ballon at him from behind. it only bounced (hard!) off him and then fell to the ground and exploded. now he's out for blood & i have to keep watching my back (thanks, brad!). i left early because of the whole sickness issue, but it turns out i apparently won a door prize: a golf shirt & a 1-hour golf lesson. *pauses for effect* i sure hope it's transferrable.

the joke of the day: how many iits staff does it take to answer becky's voice mail? the answer: 7 (or just 1 if you go straight to kathy).

j. stremikis had a great idea: a webct conference blog! if only i had been there! argh! he says he's too busy with flash but he says, "why don't you push us into blogging?" as if i had been successful pushing webct to do anything!

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

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i just signed up for info about the edward gorey house, in case i ever get to massachussetts. why doesn't he or his estate have their own website?

[#] [0]
it's been verified: i'm a poet.

i feel better today; i'm past the hot/cold phase, though i'm still coughing and everything is still in my head and my ears are all plugged. i'm so glad i had ice packs in my freezer; i really think it helped bring the fever down. after struggling with the big bath towel, i woke up at 3 a.m. and thought i should wrap it up in an old tshirt. voila! but when i woke up this morning (barely, i might add), it had broken and the gel goop was oozing out. that's okay; i still have two more. :)

last night i realized i don't have any easy-reading materials: almost everything i own, and all my new unread stuff, is about physics and psychology and sociology and biology. even my calligraphic books were too thick for me last night. fortunately, gorey is an excellent sick-read. :)

Monday, July 29, 2002

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i'm soooo sick. jennifer, goddess that she is, brought me juices & food. ahhhhh....!

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with the fuss over free-mail meltdown (like .mac, hotmail, yahoo, etc.), it suddenly occurs to me why i should give pop mail a little more credit than i do: when you download it to your computer, it's yours. you're no longer at the mercy of a random policy change on the remote server which may may potentially wipe out all your sent mail without notice or recourse (and yes, i recognize the irony of this link). your mail won't become the "property" of the service, or filtered for "questionable content" or any number of other practices which seem to be becoming common.

heck, it's even true for my campus mail, which they randomly decided to archive a big chunk of (which explained why i couldn't find things i had sent realting to any projects in the last two years).


[#] [0]
michael sent the coolest thing: the human clock!

Sunday, July 28, 2002

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yesterday jennifer came over and i made my first mosaic-ed brick. i now have what looks to be a mirrored kleenex box with crushed seashells on it. i'd like to try something a little more useful (like, maybe, an -actual- kleenex box), so i told jennifer i would get some candleholder kits. then we had dinner at palomar pizza & pasta, which i can now verify as having excellent food.

today i have been tired, thirsty & my throat has been sore. i thought i had kicked this, but maybe not. :P

Friday, July 26, 2002

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last night was adra's going away party, which i foolishly forgot to bring a camera to! after checking on arkansas inter-state regulations, jenn & i got her two oak trees (twin oaks, get it?). and most people will never believe it, but i actually swam in marsha's pool! i was surprised how few people came. :(

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

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i found a barnes & noble gift certificate sandy gave me for my birthday... in 1998! boy, that sure seems like a long time ago....

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

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sometimes michael & i play a game of free association. this article may explain why we seem to keep coming back to the same damn words. :)

[#] [0]
why yes, i am staying home today. thanks for asking!

btw, yesterday was my third-year anniversary at csusm. *throws a small handful of confetti*

Monday, July 22, 2002

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does this not seem like an ideal birthday present? don't everyone rush me one at once. ;)

Sunday, July 21, 2002

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i finally couldn't take it anymore. i had to run to the school and get an ethernet cable so i could run it over to the couches & chairs (which are really comfortable).

the assistant manager, who says this is his idea, seems rerally unhappy & not especially computer savvy. he says he's in this "for the money," and i am sad, but waiting for his inevitable disllusionment.

[#] [0]
hey, a mac os x blog! my hero! :D

[#] [0]
came back to fyrezone because i wanted to try the laptop experience, which is really, really.... uh.... awful. they end up having to unplug a computer & shove it not-entirely-out-of-the-way to connect the ethernet cable to the back of my laptop. and the only place to do this is in the uncomfortable bar area with tall tall chairs.

but first, they wanted to see my computer to make sure it would "handle being connected to a t1" but they balked when they saw my mac & insisted it wouldn't be possible. they don't use dhcp, which would make life much easier, so they had to track the tech guy down to give me the tcp/ip info (who also gave me the "i don't know anything about macs" speech).

otoh, they're having some big meeting behind me of the bigwigs which is remotely interesting to listen to, in part because they're -so- clueless. and it is, of course, all men in suits. i can't decide if i'm going to be happy if they make it or appalled. ;)

Saturday, July 20, 2002

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there really is an internet cafe! fyrezone, at $3 an hour, closer to the school than the freaking mcdonald's (though not as close as the starbucks, of course ;). it's open till midnight weekdays and 2 a.m. weekends! whoo-hoo! they say they support laptops, but haven't brought tess in to see. now, if only it had sandwiches... but heck, they've only been open a week. i think i'll buy a membership to support them up-front.

memo to self: crumb cake & computers do not mix.

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ugh. now i remember why i never use sherlock for anything other than to search my hard drive; i can't stand the ads. it's a literal usability issue -- i simply can't use it because it's so distracting. :P it took a while, but i finally found a way to kill them, thanks to andrew watters. looking at the code, you could edit the file SherlockDefault.src yourself and link to any other blank banner.

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after taking trixie in for her 15,000 mile checkup (they were even able to replace that big chunk of plastic i tore off driving to colorado in december), i've been tinkering with apache to get nefarious.web a little more customized. i'd really like to find some aqua icons for apache, since the ones its distributed with are obviously circa 1995.

it looks like i forgot to mention that penguins now come in a new flavour: chocolate mint! bill washburn let me try some, but i still prefer cinammon.

nick says there's a cybercafe on the corner of bent & san marcos. guess where i'm going after i leave here? :)

Friday, July 19, 2002

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hey, the friday five is up again:
1. Where were you born?
Fort Leonardwood, MO

2. If you still live there, where would you rather move to? If you don't live there, do you want to move back? Why or why not?
i've never had any desire to move permanently east of colorado. climate & culture, i guess.

3. Where in the world do you feel the safest?
safest? i've rarely felt unsafe anywhere (i can feel jacob cringing as i type this).

4. Do you feel you are well-traveled?
i think so. luckier than most. but i'm always up for more. :)

5. Where is the most interesting place you've been?
i'd say cambridge (college town fun to explore on bike); or york (snickelways!). but i also like san francisco and darnit, i liked colorado springs!
i need to pay bills today. i should take trixie in for her 15,000 mile checkup. i oughtta start working on membership materials for the sdfc. but it was sooooooo nice to sleep in. :)

Thursday, July 18, 2002

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ohmigosh! microsoft finally came out with a remote desktop connection client for the mac -- and it's carbonized! in return, i downloaded the windows media player (which i swore would never touch my desktop) & i even wrote them to thank them. (of course, what i really want is a good outlook exchange client, which they don't have which is why i'm forced to use remote desktop connection in the first place. :P) update 07.20: using the ms remote desktop client gets rid of that extra invisible character i used to get when copying & pasting between windows & mac! hallelujah!

and i even have a copy of dreamweaver mx (though chuck hasn't given me the license code yet.... heh), so now the only thing keeping me from osx bliss is powerprint at home.

[#] [0]
see? try to be helpful and nobody cares. the education people are having a symposium this weekend but they don't have any tech support scheduled, so i volunteered (stop looking at me like that, michael) to come in just in case they needed someone, but they want to wing it. i think that's just begging for trouble, but okay.....

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today i asked jenn, "are you going to go see reign of fire?" and she said, "ring of fire? i have that song!" so she blasted it at full volume and we began to crazy-dance to johnny cash. at some point we dragged becky, dierdre & lynn into it. it was a good way to get the blood moving at 2 p.m. on a thursday afternoon.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

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yesterday we received a message "from president gonzalez" but distributed by rick moore, which went into stunning detail about a csu-sponsored investigation about misappropriation of funds for the extended studies mba program.

so i knew something bad was about to happen, and sure enough, today about 8 newspapers carried the story. the chancellor's office has the full report (along with other interesting special investigations) on their website.

i wonder if this is the reason gary means left. :(

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

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another day i didn't really work (why did i bother to come back from vacation?). i spent the day getting nefarious back together, meeting w/the vpaa about the women's rites project in november, and helping jennifer with her application, which we literally ran over to HR at 4:45 p.m.

today was jeff's last day before he & kristin head off to get married. (!) all the women were weeping in the streets & waving their handkerchiefs. :) he says he's passed the burden of being funny to me (bwah ha ha!) and the mantle of "last good man" to michael.

Monday, July 15, 2002

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look, michael! curious LEE, on the visual LEE site! ;)

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it turns out apple remote desktop is almost useless with anything less than an ethernet connection. i had visions of being able to perform citrix-like feats, but even airport connection speeds are havoc on the refresh rate. it would be interesting to try this off campus, but i'll bet i need to open a port. :)

also, it looks like google found my blog.

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my office got flooded; i've spent the day getting stuff off the floor, disconnecting computer components, vacumming up water, & reconnecting computer components. i've done nothing else productive. the facilities guys want us to keep our computers off the floor tonight. though i have tess, i really miss nefarious; now i wish i had spent the time to get apple remote desktop working. :P

in other this-is-not-what-i-expected-to-have-happen-today news, aaron trahan has left! he went on vacation last week and then called to say he wasn't coming back. aaron was the guy helping me with the online courses database. jay has long, long lines from his eyes; he's in a tough spot. silver lining? maybe this will give me the impetus to figure out database stuff on my own.

Saturday, July 13, 2002

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blogger hasn't been publishing since wednesday, but i continue to type because time doesn't stop. michael thinks maybe i should host on nefarious, but since the cst countdown, i would rather not host this on a server connected to my job.

janna levin mentions an interesting-sounding book near the end of how the universe got its spots: a book about the collaboration between art & science titled strange & charmed, which is a cute quantum pun. unfortunately, it doesn't look like amazon carries it.

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*yawn* was up late late reading how the universe got its spots; woke early because my upstairs neighbor found my car key on the sidewalk! argh.

Friday, July 12, 2002

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events of note: michael has left; i have a new laptop named tess that seems to have all hardware & software working; jeff's prebirthday party is today. yes, my sheets are still dyeing me blue(!).

i added the soc315dp students today & am hopefully still planning on working on the co tech report. locally, i keep getting "Jul 12 13:21:01 localhost lookupd[219]: DNSAgent: dns_send_query_server - timeout for" in tess' console; is the address the airport gives tess instead of a real ip.

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

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so it's mid july and.... i want to catch up on blogging. i feel like i've come up for air. but it's all too much to really recap. michael's visiting and our week has been full; on the 4th we left teresa's party early to go to the oceanside pier to watch the fireworks. i don't think i've seen fireworks since i moved out here.

in other news, i finally have a laptop that mostly works, except for the cd drive. alex sent me a surprise package containing the adventures of captain underpants and the user illusion. how sweet is that? :D i've been reading how the universe got its spots and i'm really impressed with the voice she uses -- a gritty mixture of poetry, personality & science. i think brian will really like this book.

today michael & i went to ikea where they still didn't have the one thing i wanted. then we went to game empire and then to barnes & noble. then we went to the fashion valley apple store and finally onto balboa park, which michael still hadn't seen and i think really enjoyed. he likes places with unique architecture. we ate dinner at prado. yum.