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Thursday, October 31, 2002

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nooooooooooooooooo! when i lost all my calligraphy, one of the few things it looks like i didn't recover was last year's halloween banner, which i adored! darn it!

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pete, jeff & bill came to school as the blue man group. they won the bookstore prize (second year in a row, for jeff). pete has pix.

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well, i was here to watch nefarious crash, for once. it happened right after downloading something. i'm beginning to think the snapperhead issue isn't related (though i'm working on a cron script to kill & relaunch that thing daily), but i'm at a loss for what is. :(

in other news, i did my first card sort today! i had read about them but had never seen, run, or participated in one before. marla was incredibly nice and i wish i could learn more from her w/o this weird political interference.

and i also learned how to invoke a root shell instead of using 80,000 sudo commands: sudo tcsh. duh! i wish i had figured that one out earlier! more tips, as well as a book i really want, at o'reilly's mac dev center.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

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so tomorrow's halloween and for the first time in years, i don't have anything to show for it. i'm going to bill's party (because bill throws the best halloween parties), but no costume, no halloween banner (hey, where is that picture?), no peeled grapes to use for eyeballs, nothin'.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

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oh, and i feel soooooo much better about the generate project. after serious prompting at today's meeting, i finally wrote the script for lineage, my 1.5 minute piece (which doesn't look good when read, but will translate well on stage). i guess i was making it too big. but given how heavy all the other pieces are, this seems a little lighter and is one of the few live pieces. it also disrupts the space, which i like quite a bit. *breathes a huge sigh of relief* finally! i can relax!

[#] [0]
i made the comments go away. i couldn't stand the impact on load time anymore. :P

[#] [0]
oh my goodness gosh golly! rob mead found me!
"Did I writhe in despair for seven years wondering where you'd run off to and how I would ever find you and boo hoo and blah blah and then find you as the FIRST #@%$ING ENTRY IN A GOOGLE SEARCH?!? Of all things?"
whee! *dances* rob was someone i knew in high school as a theatre/lit prodigy and someone i had wished i had kept in better touch with throughout college. (and he probably doesn't remember this, but rob's also responsible for the funky way i write.) he is now apparently a law librarian at the university of new mexico! go figure! what a terrific halloween present! *dances some more*

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stupid, stupid blogger! stupid, stupid archives! they're here, see? but the script doesn't know how to find them. :(

nibbles & soundbyte are also all weird: posts aren't even appearing on those blogs. (i swear i've been eating & funny things have been said!)

Monday, October 28, 2002

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i've got to find a way to clear myself of spite. righteous indignation is kicking in right now, but it's been kind of fun, this morning. i'm still trying to disassociate. but really, how many time can you write the same story?

Friday, October 25, 2002

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cindy found a prior-art generator: gl. is a laser-printer that fetches your hat! It is different every time you use it and connects to the web. let's hope amazon never figures this trick out.

what the heck was i doing during september & october? i feel so behind.

[#] [0]
*sigh* i'm happy the weekend's here. but i need a database now, thank you.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

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it doesn't mean much
it doesn't mean anything at all
the life i've left behind me
is a cold room

garrett will be joining the ids team as a full-time instructional developer. i had to take almost two days off after hearing that.

Monday, October 21, 2002

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on my way back to the real world after spending a relaxing time at michael's. *sighs*

Saturday, October 12, 2002

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doesn't "virtuoso performance as a measure of organizational maturity" sound exactly like us? *sighs* sometimes i feel like i'm a member of a religion that hasn't been founded yet.

jenn was so very kind and agreed to mail off the directories for me -- so i guess i really do have to go and finish them. *pauses, fiddles* now.

[#] [0]
going to finish printing & assembling the sdfc membership directory, though i haven't quite figured out how i'm going to mail them. then i'm off to sleep, wake up & fly to portland! :D

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i went to mark van stone's "uncial: what is is and what it ain't" workshop today, though "lecture" might have been more appropriate. and yet not, because damn i had a good time! i think i can finally recognize the differences between early uncial (slanted, easy) vs. late uncial (flat, difficult) vs. half uncial (minuscules!).

(who's mark van stone, you're wondering? i wrote about him in may. he's the master of celtic hands and more recently, mayan glyphs.)

Thursday, October 10, 2002

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i'm so tired i feel sick. but can i sleep? we'll find out.

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i can't stop coughing no matter how much robitussin i drink. i woke myself up. so i'm reading buffy reviews from television without pity and watching jackie chan on jay leno (i'm only watching jay leno for jackie chan, you understand). he's so cute! he's singing "i feel good" and talking about how he wants to act in a non-action move... like gladiator. *eyebrow raises*

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

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sick. i love chicken & stars soup. buffy tonight. *grins* spiiiiiiiike tonight.

Friday, October 04, 2002

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i have been moving slowly today and it's been nice. met w/ jenn to eat at souplantation, which hay have been the only lunch there i haven't felt rushed to finish. then i went to michael's for a fruitless search for doc martin's bleedproof white and rapidoeeze (feh. michael's never has what i want), and then onto bookstar to finally cash in the gift certificate sandy gave me about four years ago. i finally bought mark salzman's lying awake (it had nothing to do with the fact they re-ran "evening with mark salzman" on the community access channel again, i swear). i also got a book about the gre. i need to tackle that soon.

i found one of those blog posts that makes me realize why i think what i do after fumbling around it for a while:an abundance mentality. the lack of it is what frustrates me here. i wonder how i can make it a requirement at my next job. :)

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why why why does nefarious keep crashing? i was home sick today and had to call someone to reboot. :(

Thursday, October 03, 2002

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my process viewer is broken. i launch it and it loads, but the processes never show and it becomes unresponsive. what's up with that? i also discovered snapperhead hogging at least a consistent 60% of my cpu, even when it's not actively taking screenshots! i suspect a memory leak; it would greatly explain why my system grinds to an eventual reboot. killing snapperhead makes my system ever so much snappier (ha ha). i don't know if i can live without snapperhead, though. :(

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chuck has his wedding photos up. :)

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i'm going to an opera on saturday! the san diego comic opera, "the barber of seville," at the casa del prado theater in balboa park. :) kathie invited me; she has a friend who's in it.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

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stupid airport. at home i can't download multiple things simultaneuously because nat interferes. at school, the airport keeps assigning itself a useless prefix.

[#] [0]
i'm struggling with pandora this morning. actually, i've struggled since friday, but today something is actually getting done about it, which means frequent interruptions and using figbash instead. thank god for terminal services!

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

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eep! if apple now has a pricing tier for educators, why can't we have a pricing tier for everyone else?

from macminute:
Apple introduces .Mac for Education
October 1 - 15:24 EDT   Apple today introduced an educational version of its .Mac Web services, as noted by MacCentral. .Mac for Education allows education institutions to purchase an unlimited number of one-year subscriptions via purchase order at a special educational price of US$59 per user (minimum of 10 subscriptions). A .Mac for Education membership includes 50MB of online storage with iDisk (compared to 100MB for consumer vesion), a IMAP email account with 10MB of storage (compared to 15MB for consumer version), as well as the HomePage Web page builder, Backup software, and Virex virus-detection software.

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found some excellent notes on edward tufte's "presenting data and information" workshop. it includes a link to one of my favorite examples, an imaginary scenario about the gettysburg address presented using powerpoint.