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Thursday, May 29, 2003

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items of interest w/ only a few minutes left at the escondido public library:
* trixie now has oregon license plates! :D
* i found three 15-year-old rolls of film and got back 4 or 5 vaguely usable photos, 3 of which are of a giant keebler elf paper maiche head jason, rob & i wore at the chapel hills mall (no, not -that- rob. probably not that jason, either).
* i got my last paycheck from csusm and it looka like i'll be fairly okay monetarily when i get to portland, for a month or two, anyway.
* brian had an interview yesterday w/ blue origin! *holds breath*
* i called rob mead for his birthday yesterday, but his birthday was today. doh! call it advancing senility, which i thought would happen to him first since he's 30 now (and i'm not yet).
* i went to killer pizza from mars yesterday w/ jeff & becky to hear more pre-party planning stories.
* what do i do w/ garrett's $5? >:)
* jennifer has cancelled the bbq because she broke her tooth.
* terrilynn & i went to see the andy goldsworthy film "rivers & tides." i'm going to see the exhibit at the museum of contemporary art tomorrow, and i hope also to get to the edward gorey exhibit at sdsu.
* brian (tucker) drilled a hole in my box so i can thread xmas lights through.
i'm still hoping to see dan saturday and get a massage from gerrie sunday. then next week is the "farewell to art museum tour & pajama party" with risa, carole & pat. then the "outside the box" artist reception & another goodbye party at becky's favorite watering hole, guadalajara's. only two more artist's way meetings! :(

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

[#] [0]
161 hits in my access_log today and 156 of them were the googlebot. *rolls eyes* and with 6 minutes left at the escondido public library, i bid you adieu.

[#] [0]
damnit. i just don't have enough computer time or brainpower at the moment to comment on rob's economic treatise of the day. could someone else give it a shot?

[#] [0]
john norton, his wife kathryn and i went to the san luis rey mission today & then to a late lunch. it was wonderful to see john again and i had never spent any time with his wife (or their dog, shilo, who came along on the trip in the back of the van with the futon in it!). and after spending lots of time winding through twisty vista roads, i introduced them to my favorite place for ado bada burritos & horchata. but i got my first mild sunburn of the season. viva la summer!

Monday, May 26, 2003

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oh, duh! of course kinko's has internet access! pricey, but a speedy (os9) macintosh w/ no restrictions & open 24 hours a day. :)

Sunday, May 25, 2003

[#] [0]
welcome to carlsbad city library, the only library open on the sunday before memorial day. like the carlsbad cole library, its restrictions mean i am unable to telnet, ssh or ftp. :( on the upside, michael sent me a list of cybercafes in the area. isn't he a doll? :D access to email means i was able to confirm ben, leeann & dean want to see me on my way up to portland. whee! and it's also worth mentioning i made some more excellent chicken tortilla soup. go me!

Saturday, May 24, 2003

[#] [0]
don't forget brian's wrapped up with that application for boeing senior fellow (senior. hee. :). "june 1 is indeed the day for the official first draft (which will be about my 20th version). then they'll pray over it, or cast tea leaves, or whatever they do, and they'll come back and say 'do more of this and less of that and be clearer about this other thing.' " wish him luck!

[#] [0]
the guy next to me keeps making weird little sounds. it makes me want to giggle uncontrollably. 31 minutes left.

[#] [0]
now at the escondido public library, which has a sign-up, a strictly-enforced 1 hour/1 day limit, but ways to get to telnet, ssh & ftp. i see now i'll have nomadic, rather than sporadic, internet access.

[#] [0]
everything you ever wanted to know about rob, and some i'm sure you didn't.

[#] [0]
and now during my public library tour i'd like to introduce you to the carlsbad cole library, which requires you to sign in. and while they prefer you to have a library card, they'll accept a small blue sheet with your name, address & signature. their computers are named after authors: i'm currently using "bronte." but alas, i think they have a firewall preventing me from using telnet, ssh or ftp, even through their web-based clients. :( this is why online courses which want to use non-web technology place their students at a severe disadvantage.

oh, and yesterday i took the ephemera exhibit down and "spent" over $500 in framing.

[#] [0]
hoo-ray. today i'm at the vista public library on one of their always-full 23 internet terminals (though i suppose saturday afternoon isn't the best time to go), which you can trick to telnet by using i.e.'s built-in protocol processors. less email than i expected after the hiatus: don't know whether to be relieved or disappointed. ;) dan got movable type going on packetwarp, for all the good that does me at the moment. and when i do have access again, what other semi-regular blog can i possibly keep going?

michael measured the space yesterday and is moving books & bookshelves from his apartment to the apartment down the hall today (i think brian & john are helping). he thinks he can get most of it done this weekend and move on in. the cable & phone, unfortunately, are still associated with the other apartment, but the airport can reach to the other apartment and he says he'll just go to the other apartment to call me at night. hmm.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

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rob sounds like he's decided to move to mel at the end of june. go, rob! he also left me some long-distance relationship trivia:
If one partner does not move closer to the other, within one year 98% of LDRs will fail.
After two years, it's more than 99%.
After that, the odds of survival are infinitesimal.

hey, michael, we win! :D

[#] [0]
argh. i sure have a lot of old links to nefarious that i have to point to packetwarp now. and blogger doesn't do global search-and-replace (but how great would that be?). so if you're really desparate to access a picture or something at, replace it with :)

[#] [0]
i'm at fyrezone, which i had hoped would have changed a little from its first days, but no, it still ignores you and makes you feel uncomfortable if you don't already know what to do and/or if you aren't a gamer. and boy, is it hot!

i've done a lot of sleeping lately, sometimes up to 12 hours at a stretch. i am amazed at how much time i spent wasting time online, but it doesn't make me miss tess any less. artist's way tonight. i am also amused to note that the iits dean search ended fruitlessly and another will be initiated in the fall.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

[#] [0]
michael called! i think this is the first time i've heard his voice in over a week! i'm done backing up onto larkspur and am now just sorting through the last pile of papers. this may be my last blog entry for a while until i find internet access again. :(

[#] [0]
i'm really enjoying the second season of buffy, which is on re-runs here and none of which i've apparently seen before.

Saturday, May 17, 2003

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waking up was difficult this morning. and then there was 20mph traffic. i was exhausted and around 3 i had to take a little break and slept in someone's cubicle for 15 minutes. but i am so enamoured of roman caps it doesn't matter, really. i tried a tape nib today and i quite like it: unlike the mitchells, tapes don't split on upstrokes. but i'm having so much trouble with "o"s! teri thinks i'm twisting the pen instead of keeping it at a consistent angle and i believe her, but i can't feel it and i keep making the same mistake over and over again.

i got a little misty today, realizing i wouldn't see most of these people again. there was much hugging and hand-holding and earnest pleas for contact. calligraphers are good folk. *sniffle*

terrilynn was sick so i paid for her paper & ink order and stopped by her house on the way back. and brian gave me strawberries! i love it when people give me food. :) at home, i'm still trying to finish backing up my email. tomorrow i'll go in and back up onto larkspur and finish the other items on the list. then i'll be done! done! moo ha ha ha!

[#] [0]
i'm not doing too badly for someone who still hasn't gone to sleep yet, eh? but after the adrenalin from the "sorry you're going we hardly knew ye" party wore off, it hit like a ton of bricks. whenever i stop typing, i lose a little time. unfortunately, my last roman caps class is tomorrow & i'm not at all ready to go. *sighs*

more about the party tomorrow, i hope. in general, i ate pizza, opened presents (mountain dew, csusm paraphrenalia, art supplies) , drank a little alcohol, hugged most everyone goodnight. jennifer came but she still had the plague and i'm going to be mad if i get it. there's apparently more party organization stories i don't know about.

it sounds like my upstairs & across neighbor and his girlfriend are having a fight. oh, yeah, and i'm offiically unemployed now. i signed the papers this afternoon.

Friday, May 16, 2003

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now i'm reduced to a screenful at a time. i'll have to come back this weekend. damnit!

[#] [0]
i have two hours before my checkout w/ hr. i'm positive i won't get this mail even transfered to lonestar in time, and then there's the party & without keys i can't come in on the weekend to transfer to nefarious and backup onto larkspur. what will i do? :(

[#] [0]
guh. due to memory issues, outlook is forcing me to transfer sentmail to lonestar 3 months at a time.

[#] [0]
all my faculty folders are gone. bye, bye, faculty! and a whole heckuva lot of projects i've worked on for almost 4 years. bye, bye, projects! everything's almost over on lonestar now, though not downloaded onto nefarious or backed up on larkspur yet.

i haven't slept yet. today i must:
*get dressed in reasonably clean clothes
* eat
* finish up some loose ends at work (review webct 4, talk to jenn about library, add class guides & eres to spreadsheet, document eres, end-of-term letter)
* eat some more
* tess ichats
* move sentmail to lonestar
* move all mail to nefarious
* copy adapt, accessibility, usability & tulip webs to nefarious
* copy web/public stuff to packetwarp
* email lingering public
* get banking spreadsheet onto palm; print spreadsheets
* backup palm onto nefarious
* zip disk w/ sdfc stuff on it
* backup to larkspur
* out of office (forever!) & .forward
* go through papers & stuff to see what i need to finally haul home
* return cell & charger, pay personal charges
* wipe drives/accounts
* check out w/ hr
* attend my surprise party
* wake up and get ready for the last roman caps workshop tomorrow
i'm very sad michael came down w/ laryngitis this week: if ever there was a week i would have liked to have heard his voice, it would have been this one.
michael says, "better now while you have access to ichat than next week, when you don't." good point. :)

[#] [0]
this is really weird. incredibly weird. and yet, when you've had no sleep, it's not so weird. well, yes, a little, but only when you squint or think a little further into the future when you've had a nice nap. living in oregon must have that affect on people. and their edible kittens.

[#] [0]
i'm running into something i didn't expect: folder sizes in exchange are smaller than they are when they get to lonestar. i expected them to be larger, and thought i'd save some space. but it's turning out to be muuuuuuuuch more than my 100mb. :( and i hate having to do this one folder at a time. (may i just say "hooray" for unix /tmp directories? thank you.)

[#] [0]
first matrix blog entry. i don't suppose this is likely to change rob's mind about seeing it.

[#] [0]
another random scan: my prized getty stack reader card! and more random-art-to-digitize-before-i-lose-access-to-tess: another blind countour drawing, this time of someone else. except for the fact that i shifted most of her face oddly to the left, it's a remarkable likeness.

[#] [0]
the eclipse was amazing. simply stunning. i went to discovery lake and i don't know why i was the only one out there watching the moon as it was swallowed by the shadow of the earth, but i was. the slightest, brightest sliver of moon refused to be dimmed, however, and as the earth moved on, she slowly returned to her full presence, flooding the sky with light as if to say she would not be vanquished despite the darkness.

the whole night would have been much more poetic if afterwards i had not discovered i left my wallet at the school as i was attempting to buy gas. :)

Thursday, May 15, 2003

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i just obliterated (deliberately) my accumulated folder of clippings and bits about online learning. that's a little scary for me. it must mean i'm really leaving.

[#] [0]
so one of the things i've learned from transferring mail from outlook to an imap provider is that the structure of an mbox item is based on the date of the item when it was added to the mbox -- not the datestamp of the item (this has implications when you're twiddling and restructuring). also, i've learned there's a difference between the way outlook creates subfolder structure and the everyone else does.

[#] [0]
i finally got a copy of the generate tape! *dances* now i have to find someone to make a copy for me. if only kinkos did that.

[#] [0]
tess has apparently already been claimed upon my departure: mike is giving her to marla to use for testing.

[#] [0]
brian suggests, "if you ever decide to try a career of sending people links that they'll be glad for, i think you might well succeed." he's talking about paul graham's "hackers & painters" article which i knew he would think was fascinating. but seriously, i'd love to get paid to forward urls to people. barring that, i think i could take pretty well to any sort of research-centric position.

[#] [0]
don't forget! lunar eclipse tonight!

[#] [0]
wondering what i was doing during that collage class over the weekend? "g begins girl" is a good example. we also worked on a more painterly one which is still in progress, and an all-white one which is pretty cool in person but which won't scan or photograph well.

and since i'm feeling compelled to scan in what i can before i no longer have a computer, you can see what i did in artists' way tonight: "wisdom teeth" and "survive". yes, those really are my wisdom teeth (the top two that came out whole rather than the ones below that were shattered). and yes, that really is just a reframing & coloring of my blind contour self-portrait. these pieces are small -- a little larger than a playing card -- and some people in the group knocked off a half-dozen without breaking a sweat.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

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oneword. don't think. just write.

[#] [0]
hey! keanu reeves knows how to use the word "vernacular"!

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

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michael's voice is still gone. we had to watch buffy over ichat. i spent hours saving outlook notes to plain text and then spending slightly less time exporting tasklists to excel (though outlook won't export custom fields. grrrrrr. i spent most of my life here using custom fields).

[#] [0]
well, that was fun. apparently there was a meltdown amongst the surprise party planners. i had said last week i wasn't sure about going 80s dancing, the cover for the party, because i didn't want to dance under the influence of pain or vicodin. this threw some people into panic and some into despair and some took it personally.

jeff, fortunately, told me on friday that there was a party happening and i should act surprised, so when chuck emailed me to tell me about the party today, i was totally thrown for a loop. i did act surprised and said i had plans with becky & jennifer and cc:ed them both, hoping to mess with him a little since i had a feeling this was an email born from panic rather than a known effort. his email surprised and frustrated jennifer, who has apparently been planning this party since i told her i was leaving in february or march. so today has been a huge complex thing with lots of paging and calling and emails, with everyone having a different opinion about what did or should happen, but what did i expect?
update: the venue has been changed to jeff's house for no apparent reason. i saw the guest list, which includes a whole lotta instructors.

[#] [0]
something's up with brian today. first he's doing his part to support fringe scientists by supplying this link to the earth-to-orbit transportation biography, "a lone voice crying in the wilderness" of alternative space travel. and then he feels compelled to support the physics limerick archive, a poetry site even i can't endorse. :) it must be the moon, which is about to go all eclipse-y on thursday.

Monday, May 12, 2003

[#] [0]
i turned in my 30-day notice today! i still have to schedule an inspection and ask about the magnetic wall and the patio shelves. i also got closer on settling on a mover because it turns out to be comparable to renting a uhaul and doing it myself (about $1200-$1700).

then i went to ralph's because i was out of two necessities: mountain dew & toilet paper. the checkout person was thrilled i was going to portland. "my daughter lives there! you'll love it! you can walk all the way across portland in half an hour! (though there are suburbs and such, you know). did you know oregon has the highest rate of unemployment in the nation? and the most homeless?"

well, okay, then.

[#] [0]
i've been trying to unsubscribe from listservs for the past several hours. i'm appalled at how long it's taking, mostly because some lists have me subscribed as something other than "" -- some have added "" or "" because our mail server was sending it that way a few years ago. so there's no way to automate that process. some lists (yahoo & asis) require address verification and aren't working with burdell or lonestar. and for some lists i can't find unsubscription info at all.

[#] [0]
from nicki: "we found out on friday that IT'S NOT CANCER! it's a disease called sarcoid - which is one of those strange things that exists largely without symptoms. the next few months mean monitoring randy's health with several tests - especially pulmonary function." *semi-sigh of relief*

Saturday, May 10, 2003

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oh, yes, i rock. i've never had any access or visual basic training but i've managed to reconfigure the sdfc database interface to remove the commands we don't use, shuffle the ones we do use in order of priority, and add several more. oh, yes, i rock. *does a little dance*

[#] [0]
i just figured out how to open a tab in a new window! command-click on a link in an inactive window and it will open in the active window. cool. :)

[#] [0]
last night i had my first real, chewable meal since my wisdom teeth were removed! honey walnut shrimp, my (last) traditional meal at chan's garden before sdfc meetings. after i got home, rob called and we talked for a couple of hours. it was good to hear from him.

michael thought he was getting sick last night and today he's lost his voice. :( today was a collage workshop, a trip to kinko's which almost ruined a copier, a drive through elfin forest, and i suspect a trip to trader joe's. and a nap. and short sentences. tomorrow i get up and do it all over again.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

[#] [0]
i just learned about adenoids today. :)

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

[#] [0]
dissection of an ipod and its dock.

[#] [0]
so chuck and i had an interesting conversation. if i wasn't emotionally involved with it, and if i didn't already know nothing would come of it, i would have considered it a successful conversation.

he asked me about how i gathered and used metrics, what questions i would ask for the committee on the replacement, and what i was planning to do for the future if i stayed. it's not like we haven't discussed two of those three things several times before and even have documentation about it, but i told him i couldn't tell him what questions to ask the replacement until he or teresa decided what they wanted the position to do. do they want someone doing what jennifer & garrett are doing? because that would be fine, but it would maintain their standard of wild adequacy and all the things they think they want to do and keep putting on lists will never get done. if they want to advance, they should specifically hire someone to help develop course-related linkages within and without the department and campus. they keep saying the right words, but if they're going to hire someone, they need to decide in advance if they're just unwilling to go there yet. it's okay to say no! it would spare everyone a great deal of pain.

we also talked about our excellence at maintenance but unwillingness to risk progress; about making changes during change; about how waiting for the perfect time means there will never be one; about proactive vs. reactive environements; about academic computing here being less about supporting academic changes than promoting the next version of something-or-other.

i'm really good at thinking and talking about online learning and online instructional development at both microscopic (course) and macroscopic (programmatic) levels. what i'm not good at is getting people to do anything about it.

[#] [0]
randy got a biopsy done yesterday (poked a hole right through the center of his chest) and nicki says it's "most likely benign," but they'll know for sure tomorrow. good thing they went to hawaii first and sent back pictures: themselves & the sunset from their balcony.

[#] [0]
lots of non-job things i didn't talk about yesterday:
* sasha & stuart are visiting from australia the weekend i'm leaving! i'll probably be in northern california by the time they get here. :(

* i lost a whole bunch of mp3s trying to juggle between the ipod, itunes, and audion. i finally gave up and did it the way the computer wanted me to do it rather than the way i wanted to do it, and it works like a charm. i called the ipod "larkspur".

* tammie came home, after 27 hours of non-stop travel from russia, with her newly adopted baby, parker. that kid was completely unphased by everything; i remember michelle & christopher weren't quite so blase upon their arrival. i couldn't stay long because it was almost 8 p.m. and my teeth were begging me to go home and watch buffy.

* i took a vicodin last night and it didn't make me sick! apparently the key is to drink even more milk and watch buffy.

* i am way busier this week than i would have imagined. rob & i are having a tough time trying to find a time to talk before he visits mel in corvallis because of tammi last night, artist's way tonight (then the season finale of angel w/ michael), my last north county calligraphy guild meeting thursday, my last san diego fellow calligrapher's guild meeting friday, and my two-day collage workshop saturday and sunday.
today: prep for meeting w/ chuck, look for movers, begin to send out "change of address" emails.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

[#] [0]
chuck wants to have a "general discussion" tomorrow about, among other things, "future plans - what are the things you were planning to do if you were staying?" how do i politely say, "i'd be doing everything you currently aren't!" ?

[#] [0]
i responded to a draft letter last night and it was sent today without mention or discussion of my input. this is the fourth incident or so since i've resigned that this has happened and i'm tired of this "we want you to tell us everything you know" attitude but then have it ignored, which has been my whole life here. so i suppose this is less than politically correct, but i responded, "i know i'm leaving, but i have noticed that none of my suggestions are recognized, discussed or used. so i don't waste my breath or my fingers over the next week, if my opinion counts for nothing, please either remove me from the idteam alias or say you're open for comments from anyone but me. thanks!" being professional here doesn't work, but being pissy often does. garrett responded with the usual "blah blah respect blah blah appreciate" and i said, "i appreciate your words, but your actions are clear. there is no dialogue here."

i'm so glad i'm leaving.
rob says, "me too, sister!"

[#] [0]
dude! i didn't know chas clifton was a pagan!

[#] [0]
after spending 30-45 minutes trying to fall asleep, i woke at 2:30 a.m. and thought, "well, if this isn't a good reason to take a vicodin, i don't know what is." i classify sickness by how much it affects eating or sleeping, as any interruption to those things is an extraordinary event. usually, no matter what's happening, i can always eat and i can always sleep.

thank god for pbs, which had an interesting tatoo special. now it's 3 a.m. and martha stewart is on channel 9. who the heck is watching martha stewart at 3 a.m.?
update: rob, master of the obvious, says, "you are, evidently."

Monday, May 05, 2003

[#] [0]
ooooooooo! cadbury picnics are available stateside! (the australian kind, not the uk kind). mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! still can't find sweet & spicy doritos, though. :(
update: shay telfer, who hasn't had prebinding issues since installing the 10.2.4 update, says, "if you ever need Picnics or other Aussie contraband you can't get over there I'm sure we can organise something."

[#] [0]
i've spent several hours going through my mp3s. the ipod rewards good id3 tags, which many of my songs don't have.

in job-related news, which you'll notice is becoming less the focus of the blog (yay!), there's a rumour they're going to make my position a foundation-level position which only supports the college of ed. garrett would remain a career-level person in charge of the other 2 colleges. how crazy is that? besides being inequitous and insulting, it's still a bad division of labour! what will they do as the campus expands? they would have been better off with one career-level person "in charge" of online courses with a foundation-level person to delegate to. but garrett never wants to be actually responsible for something for the long term, and catering to him will continue to cripple the department. at any rate, i can't imagine jennifer applying for that position unless she was desperate. i'll bet $20 and a dozen cookies that's where they got the money to make marla's career-level position permanent, the funding for which jay says came from peoplesoft and "other" sources.

[#] [0]
well, heck. i wasn't planning on seeing x-men united until i read rob's review (which, unless you want to get into grad-school post-feminist analysis, you should probably stop reading after the heading "puberty as mutation"). now i think it might not suck, but if it does, i can blame him. :)
update: rob says, "You might have to let me know the same about "The Matrix Reloaded" before I see it." i'm definitely waiting for someone to tell me about that one, too. i had low expectations the first time, and it was a great relief to see them shattered. if i'm too hopeful, i know i'll be crushed.

[#] [0]
*gasps* i totally forgot i have a $20 amazon gift certificate julie & mark gave me for xmas! doh!

wisdom teeth: same as yesterday. i have successfully resisted using the vicodin today (i gave up on that saturday because it makes me nauseous, but i was considering it today) and may try to go into work. i called the oral surgeon who says the numbness may not go away for a few weeks or even months (and i remember the original infitessimal risk was "permanently," though that was not mentioned this time).

this is just for my own edification: i downloaded a copy of the vin verification form and have an appointment thursday to turn it in. but i have to actually get the inspection first, which they don't do appointments for (why an appointment to turn in but not for the inspection? who knows?). i'm hoping i can do it tomorrow before or after i go in for the hybrid-electric smog check in chula vista (waaaaaaaay south of here, but escondido was booked until may 12!). by then i hope to have gotten the registration packet from oregon, fill it out on thursday, and maybe even overnight it to toyota financial services, who says it will take them to weeks to send it to oregon (which i hope is an "underpromise/overdeliver" estimate). i'm skimming the line for my insurance coverage, which ends may 22. i'm not sure i'll make it. :(

anyway, getting the smog tomorrow means i can't do the marla lunch and chuck wants to schedule a "general discussion" that afternoon which may interfere with the vin inspection. ack.

Sunday, May 04, 2003

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obligatory wisdom teeth update: they hurt more than they did yesterday. all my teeth itch, too. my chin is still numb. that's beginning to disturb me.

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shoot. i need to get a smog check to register trixie in oregon, but the office of fleet administration says, "The Toyota Prius is not compatible with California's Two Speed Idle or ASM tests because of vehicle design." i have to go to a "state contracted referee facility," wherever that is.

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bwah ha ha! the hair and now showed up as the result for someone asking "how can i do my hair for grad?". hee hee! somehow i doubt shaving her head was the look she was going for.

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wow. i succumbed and bought a 30gb ipod yesterday. i went to the apple store to pick up a firewire drive and ended up with an ipod instead (which certainly works well as a backup drive, i must say. not incidentally, i'm selling my archos). i had all sorts of reasons not to buy one along with a few reasons to buy one and i walked from the front of the store to the back of the store for about 20 minutes trying to decide. but in the end, it was simply about seduction and the loss of all reasonable thought.

it seems odd to have any complaints about something i've spent so much money on, but would it have killed apple to have an on/off button? and solid-state buttons are cool but incredibly un-useful when not looking at the interface. but more importantly, i'd give my wisdom teeth again to be able to simply copy music over normally (onto the hidden music volume) rather than having to use itunes. *sighs*

Saturday, May 03, 2003

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outlook exchange has given me bad habits! (are you surprised?) the best way to separate addresses in outlook is with a semicolon. i've spent several hours trying to figure out why i can't address multiple recipients with my other forms of webmail, local clients, and pine, which want you to use commas! grrrrrrrrrrrrr....!

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i'm still numb. it's raining. i have a portland address (!) and a floorplan: it's two doors down from michael's current apartment. i have less than two weeks at work and am still trying to figure out backup & email plans.

Friday, May 02, 2003

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the front of my lip & chin is numb. the fact sheet says "this condition is called 'paresthesia' and is usually a temporary condition which will correct itself." well, i certainly hope so!

Thursday, May 01, 2003

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i now have four fewer teeth than i did yesterday. the top two came out really easily and i actually got to keep them; the bottom two wanted to stay in my mouth a little longer and were crushed on their way out. staying conscious was the right choice for me, though nitrous didn't seem to have any noticeable affect. i couldn't talk at all when i had to pick up the subscription for vicodin (lots of pointing and nodding and "mm-mmm"s). the last time i took vicodin was when i broke my kneecap working at the renaissance fair; half of one knocked me right out and i didn't take any more. today i've taken two and anticipate taking more. i'm a little sleepy but otherwise fairly alert. we'll see how i feel tomorrow after sleeping on them. and after trying to eat.

thanks to brian, michael, deirdre, becky, jennifer & terrilynn for their well wishes and offers of help. dan, who was apparently unaware of the extractions, called not two hours later to tell me he had salsa for me. damn, i can't eat that now! i'll die! :)

speaking of terrilynn, the worst news ever: it looks like carrie's tumour isn't completely gone. terrilynn is often blase about most things which would cause me to shrivel inside, but this makes her crack. she's totally heartbroken. none of them know what to do yet.