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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

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i've been way more productive than i expected to be, even way more productive than i had planned. how often does -that- happen? :D

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

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i actually spent all night reorganizing the cds. really. *sighs* it was better than thinking about the job i just turned down for maggie. :(

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i came home to a new airport extreme! yee! :D

Monday, February 23, 2004

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hey! we've got tori acting as an airport base station for nenya! nifty! :D

Friday, February 20, 2004

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hey, it's my 1-year anniversary for deciding to leave csusm! now that they've decided to stop forwarding my mail, and now that i've cashed in my pers retirement account, i really have no ties there anymore. let's go out to dinner! :D

(btw, i still can't believe how grateful and happy i am for everyone and everything that's happened to me since. i love you all. *sniffle*)

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on wednesday night, leopoldo, sven & i went to see "the saddest music in the world" at the portland international film festival. boy, i had no idea the canadians could make such weird movies! a couple came up to us afterward and asked if we would reccommend seeing it: we all said, in essence, "it depends."

last night, i made a belated valentine's dinner for michael (see nibbles). then alex, michael, sven & i went to see the short films series at piff, which was vastly more tolerable (i can sit through almost anything for 7 minutes, which was the longest one there was). of note: "terra" and "compulsory breathing."

alas, michael broke the airport last night in a classic "just trying to fix it" maneuver. now neither nenya or tori can access it and we're reduced to plugging in the ethernet cable one at a time (i guess we could just get a hub, but then we might as well just get a new airport).

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

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as promised, a brief seattle synopsis:
saturday: frye art museum (no pens, but you can rub the nose of the george washington statue!), 611 supreme, comedy of eros (featuring dan's "for the love of betty"), visit w/ dan, a nifty climbable circular sculpture

sunday: steve & cindy breakfast at julia's, a brief visit to snoqualmie falls, seattle underground, dinner at carmelita's where sven could eat everything on the menu and we were the last ones to leave

monday: seattle art museum, dinner at cilantro, post alley sculpture garden
thanks to leopoldo, dan & steve for such excellent reccomendations, and many thanks to cindy & steve for letting sven & i stay w/ them. :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

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angel's been cancelled! joss whedon has a particularly poignant statement, which ends with him quoting robert frost:
Two roads diverged in a wood,
and I took the road less traveled by
I totally shoulda took the road
that had all those people on it.
in other, happier, news, i did lots of stuff in seattle. stay tuned.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

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michael's dad left this morning. it was our first test of the futon as a sleeping option, and it easily passed (except that it's bigger than the fitted sheets we own. hmm).

i was really thinking about attending the "poetry downtown" events coming up soon, but tix for the whole series (4 events) are $65! (individual tix are $18.) the events are being sponsored by at least 6 groups and each of the events is underwritten by someone. so why so much? who will go except people who already have the money to go? how does this expose more people to poetry? literary arts is the same group who does "poetry in motion," which i quite like and think does a fine job of inconspicuous exposure. it's something i'd like to see more of: poetry everywhere! water fountains, bus shelters, malls, light posts. anywhere advertising tends to be.

speaking of arts, i somehow managed to skip talking about attending first thursday last week w/ sven:
* art institute: exquisite corpse exhibit, a concept i greatly adore. only one of them was stunning, though most of the rest had some element i liked (the fragile "bird boat," for instance). circus performers were here.

* angry fairy (new gallery!): kim hutchins' "alice in wonderland" exhibit. oil paintings w/ clean graphical lines. a mix of dark humour and cheery illustrations. also, the coolest textured candies ever!

* christina gyulafia: "can't stop decay"

* mike rathbun: "heroic-pathetic ironies," huge wooden wings and brambles.

* michael benedetti, who had four sketchbooks available for perusal, and i am such a sucker for ephemera like that.
the last time i went to first thursday w/ alex, it was summertime and light until 9 p.m. for some reason, dark at 5:30 changed the tone for me.

tomorrow i'm heading to seattle for 4 days; going to see one of dan's plays produced for a valentine's show saturday.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

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i'm working in the art room while michael & his dad are watching a dvd in the living room. we have the world's saddest puppy living either above us or beside us, and you can always hear it most clearly in the art room. its whine is truly pathetic.

and the airport's signal, which lives in the living room, attenuates horribly by the time it gets to the art room. it keeps dropping off, which wreaks havoc with an ssh connection. bah.

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from michaelmas:
"the chinese restaurant near campus got the pepsi/itunes bottles in, and i got a free song! i bought a sarah song done for sessions@aol."

whoo-hoo! we've been wondering if those pepsi caps were ever going to start showing up. thanks to all you who were sorry that mountain dew isn't part of the itunes music store promotion. :)

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yes, psu really has a course titled "meaning & madness at the margins."

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

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rob called & said the blog has been "spotty" of late. as if he has reason to complain! ;) apparently they just got their invites and will be addressing them with an orange sharpie themselves. i'm sad it won't be me, but if anyone can make something artistic w/ an orange sharpie, it's rob.

what a beautiful day! when i woke up, michael was cleaning the apartment! his dad is coming to stay over thursday or friday night, though i'll be in seattle watching dan's valentine's play. the apartment is a lovely place when it's clean! amelia even napped in the sun. and i drove all about portland today in the sunshine, from se to ne to n along marine drive (pretty!). finally got rid of a big bag of dead batteries & the broken thermometer at the hazardous waste collection site.

today's small sadness: trader joe's won't carry those wonderful garlic & basil cubes until "mid-spring"! bah! nooooooooooo! just when i was getting really good at making impromptu bruschetta!

Monday, February 09, 2004

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more from poem a day:
february 6: christopher marlowe, "the passionate shepherd to his love" ("come live with me, and be my love")
february 7: william shakespeare, from king richard ii, act ii scene i
february 8: elizabeth bishop, "one art" ("the art of losing isn't hard to master")
february 9: rudyard kipling, from the jungle books - "quiquern"

also worth noting: leopoldo & i went out to esparza's, a nifty little tex mex restaurant. despite the explosion of 50s cowboy paraphrenalia, the food was unique and tasty, the service was surprisingly good, and it was reasonably priced. the moon was rising full & glowing when we got out & headed to my first intro to movie madness, portland's local movie rental place for those in the know (the kind that has categories for movies like "bizarre" and "50s sci fi"). we rented run lola run which i quite enjoyed (it falls under my favorite vague urban fantasy category, and the soundtrack does the thing i like where it has one major thematic song done several different ways).

Friday, February 06, 2004

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i've been noticing a huge amount of hits from google's image search lately; people who are searching for "valentine" are finding the certificate i would donate to the bree tinney auction at csusm every year. i wasn't going to mention it, but a vietnamese(?) search just found it which just seems nifty. :)

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more from poem a day:
february 3: william butler yeats, "the scholars" ("all cough in ink")
february 4: gavin ewart, "to margo"
february 5: theodore roethke, "the waking" ("i wake to sleep and take my waking slow/i learn by going where i have to go")

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ooh, a partial rainbow! :)

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mph mph's friend phil has a clear, defiant post about the proposed constitutional amendment to limit marriage to one man and one woman. in it, he says, "Let's be very clear: Homosexuality is a naturally occurring orientation."

but even if it's not, WHO CARES? why does something have to be biological to be supported? why does ANYONE care who loves who, or in what configurations? there are several things i want out of a "marriage":

1. the ability to be recognized as a stakeholder for major decisions, children, businesses and/or assets

2. the ability to be recognized as a person with a viable medical interest in my beloved

3. the ability to share in medical, inheiritance, insurance, retirement and other benefits

whether that happens as part of a "marriage" or "civil union" or "civil contract" or "entanglement" or whatever, if you're looking for and are at least initially committed to those things, you could get married. period. whether you're a man and a woman, a man & a man, woman & a woman, a man & a woman & a woman, three women and a man.

of course, with a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT (!) (how the heck did we get to -this- point?) we will again be deliberately setting ourselves outside the curve other more humane countries are creating. but the real question is how do we STOP it? i lived through amendment 2 in colorado; i don't want to be involved in another piece of history which offends me and divides us to such a great extent.

in other odd white house news, this reads like an onion article, but it's an honest-to-goodness transcript of remarks the president made at the nothin' fancy cafe in roswell, new mexico. (thanks for the link, amy!)

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

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what else are you going to do with spam other than write poetry about it?

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

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i knew if i finally admitted it, it would kick me into action, so here i am, merrily working, and of course it isn't as bad as spending all that time worrying about it. please keep your platitudes to yourself.

i found something funny in fin 218 (personal finance): 5% of your final grade is dependant on Not Asking Any Question Answered in the Syllabus. hee.

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okay: i've got candles, good music, fresh flowers, a hot meal, the comfiest seat in the house. i've had a luxurious shower. the cat has been phenomenally good all day. why am i not working on my latest psu project? i actually scrubbed the kitchen counters, sink & cabinet doorknobs to avoid it. what's up with that?

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i completely forgot to mention yesterday while i was returning a cd at music millenium*, i was behind someone who was also returning cds, and she said, "look, i don't come here that much, anyway, so a credit is really just wasted on me. why don't you just give it to her?" and she pointed to me. the man behind the counter blinked and said, "okay. i'll need her name on it." and that's how i walked out of music millenium richer than when i walked in! :) (i also got full credit on the cd i was returning, even though it was used and bought w/ a coupon. whoo hoo!)

[* the cd was a used leonard cohen cd because it had a version of "hallelujah" on it. i've been looking for "hallelujah" because shannon once made me a mix tape with the best version i've ever heard (spooky & dark), but she didn't bother to say who the artist was. i've never found it again, and i've tried lou reed, leonard cohen & jeff buckley (who i ended up using on the "christmas eve" holiday card last year to modest success, but i still! want! the other! one!). update 02.10.03: philip asks if i've heard the john cale version featured on the shrek soundtrack, and i'm sorry to again report the itunes music store has neither the soundtrack or the song. bah. but i have heard the shrek one (i remember asking michael: "why the heck did they put -this- on here? haven't they -listened- to the song?" and it's still not the one i'm looking for.]

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so yeah, about that whole poem a day thing: i'm actually doing it. i have, in fact, been reading at least one poem a day, and i am even in sync with the actual book. i just haven't been posting them here. for the sake of completeness, though, and to preach the gospel of poetry, i feel compelled to get back to that, so....

january 19: ben jonson, from "the triumph of charis" ("o so white, o so soft, o so sweet is she!")
january 20: william shakespeare, from love's labour's lost, act v, scene ii
january 21: wendy cope, "giving up smoking" ("people who have never been addicted to nicotine don't understand what an intense love poem it is.")
january 22: william blake, "the divine image"
january 23: william butler yeats, "an irish airman forsees his death"
january 24: rosemary tonks, "story of a hotel room"
january 25: robert burns, "my love is like a red red rose"
january 26: bernard o'dowd, "australia"
january 27: lewis carroll, "jabberwocky" ("all mimsy were the borogoves")
january 28: william butler yeats, "sailing to byzantium" ("consume my heart away; sick with desire/and fastened to a dying animal/it knows not what it is")
january 29: margaret fuller, "sistrum"
january 30: edwin arlington richardson, "richard cory" ("and he glittered when he walked")
january 31: william butler yeats, "the song of wandering aengus" ("the silver apples of the moon,/the golden apples of the sun.")
february 1: sir john suckling, "why so pale and wan?"
february 2: john keats, "song" ("there's a blush for won't, and a blush for shan't")

Monday, February 02, 2004

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everyone say "hi" to my new virtual server, which looks exactly like the old one, expect it's lonelier when i log in because nobody else is on it. only packetwarp dan really knows the difference. :) thanks, dan!

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happy groundhog day! i went for a walk this morning and it was so cold my ears burned. even typing this i'm wearing fingerless gloves. it's like colorado cold! but really, winter here is great. i have no reason to complain.