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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

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on our way to the coast tomorrow (or today, depending on when you see this). i'm actually hoping to read or write. antisocial, yes, but also good for me. if you can't go to the beach to burrow into a book, where can you go? i've done most of my pre-meal cooking since i agreed to be the meal captain tomorrow night.

sven's dad died xmas eve. he's still working his way through it and i'm trying not to get in his way, to let him be sad or angry or productive or nonchalant when the mood strikes him.

at psu i spent an hour (at $30/hour!) trying to find the right office to accept my direct deposit slip. 5 different places that told me to go somewhere else. and no, i still don't have a computer yet.

had a midafternoon snack w/ markalope today, who i haven't seen in a year (and whose unfortunate last meeting was for matrix: revolutions). he says based solely on blogs alone, everyone's in a funk. it might be the weather, or it might still be lingering post-election malaise.

picked up michaelmas at the train station afterwards. arwen was very glad to see him.

it's possible i might have a chance to do the artist's way at the multnomah athletic club. they contacted me about it a couple of weeks ago and we've now had a followup conversation.

i've been too busy to make new year's resolutions (except to contact the portland calligrapher's guild, which only has a phone number). maybe that should be my first resolution.

Friday, December 24, 2004

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we have lights on the house now. all the present are wrapped and delivered and twinkling under the tree. the stocking are pleasantly plump. dinner is planned. we have truffles and candy canes and hot apple cider (and rumballs for sven). the cards are on the piano. the mistletoe i bought from a sweet wide-eyed boy in front of the fox theatre is hung above the couch, which has been moved in front of the tree and piled with the cozy star bedding. the floors have been vaccumed & the bathrooms have been cleaned. i think we're even set to watch "a very fraggle christmas" or "a muppet christmas special" or one of the animatronic rudolph films tonight.

what i haven't done: cds if i'm gonna make them. forgot about the wild rice if i want to make that soup. but other than that, i think our holiday is here. so merry christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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had dinner w/ rob & kyrie before they left for corvallis (and possibly vegas after that). they live in a pretty cool 1 bedroom apartment above the hollywood library. kyrie is deeply immersed in montessori training & so she and sven talked about youth liberation and education quite a bit.

saw michaelmas on tuesday before he left for mount vernon to see his dad. after a stop at good dog/bad dog, we went to the fox to see house of flying daggers, and i am sad to say i actually laughed out loud when the "secret" is revealed (because you know there's always a huge secret and someone's always a double agent and there's always a love triangle in these epic hong kong movies).

saw carl on wednesday, possibly the last time before he leaves to his dream editor job in new york. he's been learning how to drive which is a requirement for that job, so he drove trixie in circles between a series of three parking lots near the hinson memorial baptist church for about 30 minutes. then we had cranberry upsidedown cake courtesy of his roommate anna, which was delicious and may become one of my favorite cakes, though i have noticed cranberries in general have been ascending in my repertoire as a delicious addition to almost anything.

i watched seeger's cats last year over xmas, and so this year i am queen of catsitting: i'm watching arwen, lucky, ariel, noodle & lestat until sven & i go to the coast.

i think i missed doug's birthday and his key lime birthday pie. sorry, doug.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

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still all edgy w/ funk. someone stole one of our little porch pumpkins last night and ground it into the street. a few weeks ago someone broke into my car and stole the little red flashlight i've used at random opportunities for years. tech people never want to give you a toolbox: they want to give you a hammer and make you beg for a wrench. if you aren't in front of someone, you don't exist.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

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i upgraded eliot to 10.3.7 last night, and now every time my laptop goes to sleep it loses its connection to the internet. the only fix is to reboot. meh!

(update 12.21.04: leeann asked ""the boys" down the hall what to do and they said:

1. reset your router if you haven't since you installed 10.3.7 (check)
2. Make sure you have ipv6 turned off in the network configuration. (check)
3. Kill the lookdb daemon in the background and restart it. (check)

but still it sleeps to dream! mehhhhhhhh!)

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chas has a great link to a service to "bypass compulsory web registration" for news sites and such:

Monday, December 13, 2004

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it always feels more like christmas once the tree is up and lit. we even have it hooked up to a wireless light switch! the top of it is an alien puppet known as "the probinator," especially appropriate when decorating while playing christmas carols as sung by the h.p. lovecraft historical sosciety.

gerrie was the first to send a christmas card, followed by presents from parents, a christmas letter from sven's mom, a picture postcard from leeann & dean, and the usual odd christmas letter from the gormwads (thanks, dan!). we went to joanne's holiday wine & cheese party last night and have been invited to an open house hosted by the parents of the girls who worked on our garden over the summer.

and as an extra special christmas present, michaelmas got his new computer tinuviel today! congratulations!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

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yesterday i was excited because one of the artist's way flyers i posted at new seasons had two tags torn off! which doesn't sound like much, but i was just glad someone had seen the flyers and thought enough about it to take a tag.

then today, we got our first call from someone who saw the flyer we posted in palio's and wants to be in the group! yeeeeeee! i was so pleased and flustered i forgot to ask her number or email address or even which day she wants to attend (i have one session on monday nights and another tuesday mornings). i guess this means it's really going to happen. here we go!

update: in an odd round of synchronicity, brian just wrote to tell me he's starting "the artist's way at work"! and at joanne's party tonight she revealed she's just had her haiku accepted to be published! hooray for all of us!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

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we're back! i've even been to work. but i'm not BACK, you know? i still feel about 5 steps behind.