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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

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finally! the portland society for calligraphy has a website! it's not the most amazing site in the world but it's Good Enough (tm). i'm still recovering from my all-night push last night. i'm glad that this is the first site i've done that's primarily css: i still don't really get divs & layers so the layout is still in tables, but i've never started a site from scratch in css, so it was a good learning experience. still more to do (the menus, especially, need some elegant-izing, and boy, we need graphics), but that can come later. tonight i can sleep.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

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congratulations, jalex! today was the graduation ceremony for birthingway, a culmination of the long, hard road jalex has been on for over 10 years. she is now a certified professional midwife!

we went to the ceremony at leach botanical gardens which is very close to our house and exceptionally charming & cosy. it very much reminds me of the church in the wildwood, where nan-nan used to take us at easter.

Friday, February 24, 2006

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just to make sure my karma was appropriately balanced, when i got to trixie to go to my calligraphy class, i discovered someone had broken into her, stealing her change and red flashlight, but leaving the cds, battery charger & a mess to clean up. arrrggghhh! this is the third time she's had things stolen from her. :(

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for those of you not reading the scarlet star studios blog, this is just to say i am in an art show at Collage on alberta and the reception was last night. i had a lot of visitors, my piece sold, and we went to pix afterwards: it was a good night! :) the show runs till march 27.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

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happy birthday, edward gorey! you know, if he was still alive. :) the fine proprieters at gorey details who are right here in portland say they don't have anything special planned but are "open to suggestions." me, i'm planning on a brief excursion to House on hawthorne, which has a small gorey section (or as i call it, the gorey shrine).

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

[#] [0]
job club met at saint cupcake today because world cup double booked the meeting room (again!).

i had meant to post that saint cupcake was recently robbed, so i was glad to get a chance to spread the love (michaelmas, sven & i stopped by last night for some soothing cupcakes after the dog bite, but saint cupcake is closed mondays). alas, they've raised their prices. their smaller-sized "dot" cupcakes used to be 75 cents and now they're a dollar: they've crossed some sort of mental price point that made me want to buy them with abandon and now i feel i have to ration more. their standard cupcakes moved from $1.50 to $2. these are certainly very fine cupcakes (truly, the best i've eaten anywhere from anyone, the way i always dreamed cupcakes should be), but now i just need to get them in moderation.

Monday, February 20, 2006

[#] [0]
i got bitten by a dog tonight. i went to deliver some artist's way flyers for the creative arts therapy week coming up; they'll have an info table & they invited me to be included. when i rang the bell there was a lot of scuffling and barking: "just a minute," someone called as they herded a dog upstairs. when they open the door, there was another dog downstairs that was eager to meet me being held back by a woman on the couch. i didn't want to stay, but i was ushered in and i left the manilla envelope on the table. the dog seemed curious but not threatening, so i held my hand out for it to sniff, whereupon it promptly bit me.

everyone was shocked and surprised and horrified and appalled; i managed to leap back and they managed to grab the dog before it could bite again, though it clearly wanted to. it took a few seconds for the pain to hit, and then my finger went numb. i rinsed the wounds out in the sink but they couldn't find bandages, so i left to give them & their dogs a chance to calm down. sven was waiting for me out in the car because we were on our way to michael's. the adrenalin & fear & pain hit me all at once and i started to cry, fumbling for the emergency kit in the car for bandaids & an alcohol prep pad.

i've never been a big dog person. people complain cats are aloof, but i think dogs are unpredictable & dangerous. cats are more apt to hide than attack, and when a cat's mad you'll usually have plenty of warning, and they just can't do nearly as much damage. now this will cause an awkwardness where i wanted an ally.

[update 02.21: i got a message from the woman; she apologized and said the dog was abused and is "wary" around strangers. i wish she had said that *before* i was bitten.]

Saturday, February 18, 2006

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i am typing with red fingernails because sven & i just got back from a post valentine trip to the edgefield & a spa! we stayed overnight at the edgefield because we had such a good experience there last time, but this time sven had a really lousy vegetarian meal which made the price tag a little tough to, um, swallow (what made it worse is that my meal was amazing). this morning after breakfast sven dropped me off at the columbia gorge salon & spa where i had a manicure, pedicure & facial.

good god, it's cold.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

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sven & i donated a svan full of old computer equipment to freegeek last week: printers (one of which sven printed his thesis on!), scanners, cables, software, a mac LC, an airport, my troubled palm pilot and the archos that gave me no end of grief. we have a little more room in the garage now and a whole lot less guilt. hooray! i couldn't bear to part w/ the newton quite yet, though, and sven's got a mac SE and a powermac 6500 keeping it company.

on saturday michaelmas & i drove to mukilteo state park for his uncle's memorial service. because saturday morning traffic was so light, we arrived early enough to stop by michael's old house in lynwood. on our way home, we stopped to see steve & cindy, though cindy was still at work and steve was just having breakfast at 4 p.m. :)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

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what is this stuff dripping off the walls? oh, it's irony.

after announcing the change to my new email address, the whuppah! came down and made messages to littlepearl bounce w/ "relay access denied" and "mail loops back to myself" errors. dreamhost says "the service that handles mail wasn't configured to accept mail correctly" and they say it's fixed now, but i don't know if they can fix... my HEART....! *sobs*

anyway, feel free to try me again if you didn't catch me last night. may that be the worst thing that happens with this eddress. *knocks wood*

Friday, February 03, 2006

[#] [4]
according to the "which serenity character are you?" quiz, i'm malcom reynolds, followed closely by kaylee. rock. :) (mind you, i distinctly said i was not good with witty comebacks and people don't often mistake me for a hero, but malcom i am, anyway.)

You are Malcolm Reynolds (Captain)
Malcolm Reynolds (Captain)
Kaylee Frye (Ship Mechanic)
Zoe Washburne (Second-in-command)
Inara Serra (Companion)
Dr. Simon Tam (Ship Medic)
Wash (Ship Pilot)
River (Stowaway)
Derrial Book (Shepherd)
Jayne Cobb (Mercenary)
A Reaver (Cannibal)
Honest and a defender of the innocent.
You sometimes make mistakes in judgment
but you are generally good and
would protect your crew from harm.

(thanks, philip!)