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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

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i forgot my house keys today and drew letters in the car and napped for two hours, thinking sven would be coming home soon. finally beginning to worry about my artist's way class tonight, i grabbed my old csusm icon copy card from my wallet and broke into the studio. i keep thinking it would be really great to own a travel lockpick kit. :)

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i've been meaning to write about this since tribe reversioned itself in september. i was so tickled at the message, i wanted to keep it:

(click for a larger view)

Monday, November 27, 2006

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snow! snow! snow! there's nothing makes make me more immediately joyful as I scramble to find a coat and shoes and scamper out onto the sidewalk. everything feels like it's dancing. and when it doesn't accumulate, it feels even more precious, a small burst of magic that you alone may have noticed. this afternoon the flakes were huge and soft, but the flurry was short, and soon we even had blue sky.

tonight it's going to stick, though: i was on my way to see michaelmas when i realized if i didn't turn around, i wouldn't be able to get up the hill back home. it was already very slick and one of trixie's major bumps was caused by sliding down the hill into a mailbox. so when i reached the last intersection before turning up the hill, i saw a large truck slide backwards through the intersection. i pulsed trixie gently but firmly up the hill, with just one moment when turning onto our street where i worried she might not make it, but then she pulled through. whew!

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cheeseburger brown created a shirt for me! well, to be fair, i just wanted a shirt like the one he already offered but without the graphic on the back.

who can resist a "gretchin lair" edition of a shirt? not i. and not you, once you read simon of space.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

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phoenix was remarkably unremarkable! we completely lucked out on the timing: no big lines anywhere (though we saw them on our return trip). the tsa agent was even kind about the burning man credit-card-sized knife i accidentally left in my wallet.

we got to see my aunt julie's new place, which is a jewel at the foot of the superstition mountains. it would be worth living in arizona to see the sun and moon set over the city like that every night, to watch the city lights twinkle in the valley like a bowl of stars waiting for the big dipper to scoop them up and scatter them across the sky, to be able to see the milky way drift like a curtain overhead.

my dad says he's almost 100% better. his hair is growing back in. he's developed a blaze of white at his crown, just a little one, like a horse.

Monday, November 20, 2006

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ack! freegeek was robbed last night! is there no justice?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

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i got an email from planned parenthood last night and almost screamed. i checked the election results, and with 445 of 1000 precincts reporting, it LOOKED true. i ran upstairs to wake up sven. "no on 43!" i panted. now, with 663 precinct reporting, it seems even more sure: measure 43 has been defeated!

i'm so relieved. i've never had a cause i cared about so much actually succeed. 15 years ago coloradoans voted for amendment 2 (which meant homosexuals who were discriminated against couldn't sue for discrimination), and just a couple of years ago oregon voted for measure 36 (to define marriage as "one man, one woman" in the state constitution). i decided in march to help tackle this issue, and even if my contributions didn't sway anyone, at least the effort was not wasted.

of course, it's never really over. gonzalez vs planned parenthood arguments begin today, challening the constitutionality of the federal partial-birth abortion ban act (which can restrict abortions as early as 12 weeks w/o an exception for the health or safety of the mother). and the federal refusal clause is still festering. and the child custody protection act is no good, either. and pharmacists are still allowed to deny emergency contraception to women. and and the legislature will undoubtably try to pass a parental notification bill internally, like they do every term.

but this means i can breathe again. it's like being able to speak rainbows, not just rain. young women in oregon still have the right to make all their own medical decisions. that's worth celebrating. if you voted no on 43, THANK you! i'll take you out to lunch. :)

update: oo! and south dakota defeated their abortion ban! and california's parental notification failed, too! i'm ready for caramel apples & puppies!

Monday, November 06, 2006

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i'm working my way through the voters' pamphlets and just now realized maybe the best way to reach a lot of people about voting against measure 43 would have been to pay $500 to publish a statement in it. so many of the "yes on 43" stories are personal and sad, but the "no on 43" ones are boring. i think it's in part because abortion is so stigmatized, so even people for whom abortion was the right decision are afraid to admit it, even without the additional emotions connected to parental notification. the testimonials are understandably compelling; the only one that made me angry was the doctor who claimed he needed parental permission for all medical procedures, which is not true in Oregon: minors from age 15 can consent to their own medical care and obtain confidentiality without the permission of a parent.

anyway, i wanted to write a much longer post about why you should vote against 43, but here it is monday and ballots are due tomorrow. so let me just say that i'm voting against 43 because i know what it means to live in a house of fear and abuse, and i believe this measure, deep down, is NOT about "protecting" teens, but about banning abortion. this law will "protect" parents & fetal lives at the expense of the lives & futures of teen mothers. each person, no matter how old they are, has the basic right to determine whether or when to give birth. it's especially important to defend this right for more isolated rural towns in oregon.

i feel like i cannot breathe until i know the results.

Friday, November 03, 2006

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according to death by caffeine, it will take 228.33 cans of mountain dew to kill me. they don't say what size the cans are (12 oz?) or over what time period, but i suspect i got a jump on it last night when i drank almost an entire 2-liter bottle to stay up making really wonderful hand-stamped jewelry for tomorrow's holiday sale.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

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today is sven's birthday! we began the day with homemade crepes, and we've got a saint cupcake cake, oasis pizza, and a dinner at assagio scheduled. we eat well on birthdays. :)

last night we celebrated halloween by watchingthe attic expeditions and playing a game of gloom w/ kristen & todd, who brought a pumpkin cheesecake. alas, michaelmas had to work. i couldn't get together a costume this year, so i decided i was a cylon sleeper agent. but todd was a communist, kristen was an international woman of mystery, and even sven wore black-and-red striped gloves and socks.

we had a few trick or treaters, but most of them were older boys with hockey masks. one particularly belligerent group wanted to know why we had two bells and wanted to challenge "no on 43." after they left, we discovered they had smashed the lid of my pumpkin in the street. :(