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Monday, September 30, 2002

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he is, he isn't. he is. he isn't. chuck: "Garrett is working with us for the time being and we all need to be on the same page."

i hate this place.

Friday, September 27, 2002

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oh, oh, and it rained today! mmmmmm...... everything smelled liked watermelon. :D

spent some time with the sdfc membership database tonight. i've gotten the membership directory to base itself on a standard membership query (yay!), but i haven't figured out how to make the labels do the same thing. now i actually have to print, assemble and send the directory before i go to portland.

tomorrow: a foil lettering workshop and then brian & i go to the getty! :D

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chuck may have seen the light. after writing him about another clash about garrett's "time," chuck put his finger on something that's been bothering me:
Hmmm...I get the feeling sometimes that, although we are called Academic Technology Services, the stress is not on Academic functionality. I could wish that TM was more interested in happy students and instructors than mail or web services that are only tangentially "academic". Jay's group does not seem to have too much trouble getting resources despite their being almost completely non-academic in purpose.

I am concerned.
i don't know what this will really mean, but at least i'm not the only one who sees it!

Thursday, September 26, 2002

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i just had the weirdest thing happen to me: an instructor called to ask about her fall webct elements, which she couldn't find. neither could i -- but i had already created them weeks ago! i have documentation for the whole process: she had sent the form in, i had created the course, emailed her about it, put her info in the spreadsheet & index, added her students, emailed her about that, talked with her about adding a t.a. account, updated my tasklist, and crossed her off the list.... but the course still isn't there! *spooky twilight zone music* thank god she is an extraordinarily understanding instructor and it wasn't a development-intensive course. but that really freaked me out. as chuck said, "you mean we did everything right and it was still wrong?"

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

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when i came in today, nefarious had crashed again. that's twice in a week since os 10.2.1. what's up? this makes me nervous. but i was late because i did my morning pages for the artist's way exercises. that took about a half an hour and was spent mostly writing things like "three pages? next time i'm getting a smaller journal!"

last night i got spectactularly lost while looking for the group. i don't think i've ever been that lost before. there are 7 of us: we introduced ourselves (at least one other person doesn't feel like "an artist"), did some free writing, and a 10-minute collage exercise i'm not happy with. more next week, i suppose.

brian will be here saturday! a colleague of his died and the funeral will be in north l.a., which might be close enough to the getty this time to be worth going. i know, i know, death, getty: what's the connection? but i'll take it when i can get it. :)

Sunday, September 22, 2002

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oh, yeah! it's my birthday! go, gretchin! go, gretchin! i finally installed bash on webct1! despite what mike & garrett think, i couldn't bear living without tab completion and an up-arrow history anymore. i coulda done tcsh, i guess, since that's what mac os x uses, but i am under the impression that bash is more universal and a better programming shell (flames to /dev/null/, please). and since the features i'm interested in are available to both, i picked bash. *happy dance*

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hey, wasn't i just asking about prebinding? well, look, it's been explained!

Saturday, September 21, 2002

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nefarious is back up! my first chance to see the multi-lingual kernel panic message. :) can't figure out what happened, though....

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nefarious is down; i don't know why and i'm not sure i want to drive to work to find out... :P i think this has been the first time it's been down hard since i moved to os x.

Friday, September 20, 2002

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jaguar is making all screenshots pdfs! darn it! not even tinkertool can turn that off. :( it turns out that the pdfs are smaller than the jpgs, but i find them fuzzier and not as useful for posting to the web (have to go through an extra step to convert them). it also keeps me from fully exploiting what could have been my new favorite tool: /usr/sbin/screencapture.

[update: tinkertool really can't turn that off. "In Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar, Apple only supports the PDF format when making screenshots using shortcut keys. This was still under investigation in 2.3 but Apple has now replaced the online documentation of Jaguar via Internet update and declared PDF as the only option." see the knowledge base article for apple's statement.]

Thursday, September 19, 2002

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well color me all seven shades of shocked! after asking a question about one of garrett's status report items, i got this in return:
I think Jay expects (and I agree, if he does) that I will not be working in Chuck's group at all (maybe for good). Teresa re-orged me with the last Campus Directory so I am only in Jay's group.

So, unless it's a special case (like unloading the trucks full of computers for Bill, or the first week of classes and you're slammed) I think it best to work only doing staff web stuff.

I am willing to move *all* old course webs to the new server and you can activate them as needed if you like; but I don't want to dilute my time with all the individual requests.
so garrett's been doing me three weeks of "favours." when the hell was anyone going to tell me?

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oh, thank god! all my tcsh aliases are finally back! i really did have a good unix day!

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

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i had a good unix day today: teresa finally tweaked editing of .htaccess files from sm to /courses (or /courses2 on the courses1 machine. moo-ha-ha-ha!); mike finally opened up firewall holes for afp (so stop emailing me files! use appleshare-over-ip already!) and snapperhead (so you can see what i'm doing at all times ;). plus, came back online so my off-site shell is active again. whee!

mac server issues, though: i keep seeing this in my console_log:
localhost /usr/libexec/fix_prebinding:2002-09-18 13:39:45 -0700: prebinding for [random app] done.
localhost /usr/libexec/fix_prebinding: [random app] could not be launched prebound.
localhost /usr/libexec/fix_prebinding: The file [random app] changed after the prebinding problem was noted.

what's that about? i also haven't figured out why trying to access nefarious as guest brings up no volumes to mount (i'd like to share "Shared" out with guest access rather than an account).

someone i worked on a webct course with saw me on campus today and said she had been looking for commentary about lilo & stitch over the summer when she ran across my blog! weird, eh?

Thursday, September 12, 2002

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brian says the brief mark salzman video i taped was well-received at his writer's group. in response, i sent him this note:
which reminds me: i found just one reference to that piece online, and in the syllabus of an english instructor. it turns out it wasn't far from me at all.

"March 1:  SPECIAL EVENT:  Mark Salzman, author of "Teacher Wei",  will be speaking about his work at the Carlsbad Public Library (Dove Auditorium) 8 pm.  Five dollar charge with MCC student ID.  (Take 5 South to Palomar Airport rd.  Take right on El Camino and finally  a right on Dove Lane (there is a light)--just before the Vons shopping center).  Extra Credit = 10 pts, save your ticket stub or check in with me there. "

but here's the same performance he did in la jolla:

and here's his "real" site:

here's a salon interview that talks more about that book:

here's a more personable bio:

might this be a tape for sale?

and here's a fan...

but then, i've not actually read one of his books yet...... :)
does this make me officially obsessed w/ mark salzman or what? and what does that mean, considering i haven't read lying awake or the soloist yet?

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i just can't seem to make it home... i keep thinking, "just one more thing...."

i made a whole lot more recycled notepads today and gave them out. like i didn't have better things to do.

carole stopped by! she interviewed for an admin asst. position and managed to find my office in this maze.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

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just doing my part to save the environment: today i started creating notepads from leftover paper in the recyling bin -- i cut them in half and staple the tops. i realized how much i was using sticky notes just because they were paper that was around, not because i needed them to be sticky or a note.

Monday, September 09, 2002

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hello! i'm amazed i'm still here, relatively intact.

just finished upgrading to jaguar, the most painful part of which is going to be recreating all my unix aliases & settings. damnit. i thought it would respect my stuff. isn't that the whole point of something like this? the whole point of a home directory? argh.

after almost two weeks with brian, now that he's not here i miss him!

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

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i can't believe today is tuesday! brian called me and asked if he should come down tonight, and i kept thinking he meant tomorrow night!

i just sent out a message to instructors which included the line "we have over 150 courses w/ online components this term and while we're trying to keep up with your needs, we're trying to respect the needs of others, as well, so please be patient! priority goes to instructors who requested assistance earliest." but to which i apparently should have added ."...unless you talk to teresa, who will get garrett to create something for you immediately."

the parking today is crazy.