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Thursday, April 28, 2005

[#] [1]
yesterday i discovered that if i immediately sort an itunes rendezvous share via type and/or rating, i appreciate the share a lot more because otherwise an awful lot of rap floats to the top due to the default "artists" sort that favours names like 2pac, even if the cranberries or elliott smith are further down in the pile.

today i discovered that if, at the end of a frustrating day, i throw off my headphones, yell, "i hate hive! i hate maggie for thinking hive is a good idea! hive is a stupid broken software!" and then immediately go for a walk, it will enable me to eat dinner w/o seething,

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

[#] [0]
food fight has a blog now! c'mon folks: if the vegan grocery has a blog, why doesn't everyone? (oo, vegan marshmallows! and caviar!)

Monday, April 25, 2005

[#] [0]
oh, because all the cool kids are doing it...

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You're Not Prince... You're The Artist


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Purple Rain Prince


Parade Prince


1999 Prince


Musicology Prince


Diamonds & Pearls Prince


Dirty Mind/Controversy Prince


Which Prince ERA are you?
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Saturday, April 23, 2005

[#] [0]
michael left this morning w/ bryan & steve to visit reza in sacramento. i think this is the first road trip he's taken since i lived in colorado and we went to visit neal copperman in new mexico. i'm watching arwen again.

so while michael's vacation is just beginning, mine is ending: i start working for psu again on monday and don't stop till the end of june. i'm amazed to find that even a full week off a part-time job has been very refreshing. i've hit a glorious plateau past the "things-that-need-to-be-done-now" stage, and now i'm looking at all the "getting things done" lists that have been faithfully waiting for me during the period where i was just shuffling the top 5 "have to do"s each day. my physical inbox is clear and my email essentially is, too. it feels almost... peaceful, though sven is still struggling with his own piles and things to do, and i can't help feeling affected by them, too.

unlike last year it doesn't look like i'll have much of a summer vacation: the mac artist's way class is full and they've already asked me to teach one for fall. i'm hoping to convince them for a longer course, since i've discovered even the 8-week unitarian course is too short for the participants. so even though my next milestone is july 1 (when this psu contract ends), it looks like i need to start thinking of september and how to fit in two studio artist's way classes w/ the mac classes & with some really great ideas i had about extending artist's way offerings even more.

all these artist's way options may keep me from doing psu work in the fall, if i am asked to do so, but because of their fiscal workings, i don't imagine the request occuring until at least november, and that's if they may want me. the angel feedback and the instructional design checklist are the only projects in the last 6 months that actually have had closure and deliverables; hive has become uncertain and unreal, like a reflection in a window. so many of my next steps are dependant on other people and hive is not high on their priority lists, and i don't have the "authority" to talk to anyone directly. so i fear walking out of here in june without making hive any more functional than it was when i began working on it in november and how that will affect my chances of being hired by psu again.

and now or something cheerier: happy 24-hour comics day! i got so inspired by it this morning that i read the book from last year and have resolved to host one next year at the studio. you heard it here first! and you know who i'm inviting. yes, you!

Friday, April 22, 2005

[#] [0]
ooo! i! love! thunderstorms! *ecstatic dance*

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

[#] [1]
labyrinth! meetup!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

[#] [0]
still sick, even after spending almost all thursday in bed, which was a miserable period of being both hot and cold and restless and clammy.

fortunately, i feel like i've been getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and not pushing myself too hard (it may help that i have next week off of work thanks to gerrie's presence). but i was well enough friday to totter to calligraphy class and then orchestrate the time michael, sven & i spent with gerrie. after class we went to chez machin, pix and ended up at the butte household, though afterwards i dropped michael & gerrie off at the 122nd max station. and then i immediately went to bed.

yesterday we all went to powell's, the tibet kitchen, and the lovely japanese gardens. we picked up an oasis pizza and headed back to gerrie's room, and then michaelmas went home to do some prep for a game today, and sven stayed for a massage. after he stopped flopping in ecstacy (thanks, gerrie!), i took him home, cleaned up after the cat, and immediately went to bed.

so i'd expect to be better today, but i've still got phlegm and a slight fuzzy edge to my head. this afternoon, denique dropped off the plants i ordered for her swim team fundraiser, and then it immediately hailed.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

[#] [1]
ugh. i'm sick, with a fiery throat and nose. all i want to do is sleep, or snuggle into a warm bed, eat french onion soup & grilled cheeses, and read the charles vess illustrated peter pan michaelmas got for me while he was in minneapolis (thanks, michael! he also got me a signed copy of gaiman's "creatures of the night.") but gerrie's coming to visit for a few days starting tomorrow, and i welcome all csusm refugees with open, if germy, arms.

i started to feel woozy at the end of last night. i took michaelmas to rose's to celebrate his 43 birthday and then to ben & jerry's for ice cream. i don't usually do chocolate, but i had a small "chocolate therapy" which turned out to be way too rich for me. we finished by watching the third-season buffy episode where faith tells giles buffy killed the deputy mayor, dusts mr. trick, and then offers her services to the mayor. yeeee! i've now watched all buffy except third season, so i knew faith went bad, but i like seeing how it happens. (meanwhile, at powell butte, we're watching season seven which is new for sven: we just finished the episode where principal wood reveals his mother was a slayer and the first tells him spike was the vampire who killed her.)

i took trixie to the dealer today for her 52,500 mile service only to find her tires were down to the core. so i replaced them, but that was $400 i wasn't expecting this month.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

[#] [0]
the first night with stars in almost a month! walking home from michael's i saw a huge bright star i didn't recognize and tried to look it up in the star book. i thought i might be spica but it seemed too bright even for that, and when we looked at it w/ binoculars, sven & i saw a planet w/ four moons ringed around it! we have no idea what planet it is, but it was amazing and beautiful, anyway. i can reliably locate leo, now, and i just identified leo minor tonight. still can't see cancer, even though i know it's between gemini & leo.

Monday, April 11, 2005

[#] [0]
michael is now home safe with arwen, as is his flying mate, kerry (no thanks to the two! exits i missed coming home. and i didn't even sleep in an airport!). he was fortunate to catch a flight as united apparently said no standby passengers would be allowed on today's planes (grr! what were they supposed to do, then?). i bought him a chocolate shake at burgerville and brought him home to his newly cleaned apartment, a birthday gift from sven & me. unfortunately, his father won't be visiting since it sounded like it was possible michael wasn't going to make it at all today and he was on his way to san francisco, then scottsdale.

still, i'm glad he & arwen are reunited, especially as she literally disappeared when sven & i were cleaning. i thought i had lost her until sven found her hiding in the plantbox on the patio:

scariest. catsitting. moment. ever.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

[#] [0]
oh, no! i was supposed to pick up michaelmas at the aiport at 10:10 a.m. at 7:30 a.m. he calls to tell me he's stuck at denver international because it's snowing and the flights are cancelled until probably 5 p.m.. then at 11:30 he calls to tell me that he's stuck overnight in denver and they've shut it down -- nobody goes in or out. so he has to sleep there! which doubly sucks because tomorrow's his birthday & his dad's visiting tomorrow night. so i hope he makes it! this probably elevates his former reluctance to travel to something like "never ever." (though i doubt it will cancel his trip w/ bryan to see reza. california isn't known for its freak snowstorms in april.)

Thursday, April 07, 2005

[#] [0]
michaelmas is "reluctantly" off to present at the acrl conference in minneapolis. the song of choice would have seemed to have been that dog's "minneapolis," but instead i sent him along with ani difranco's "up up up up up up." i drove him to the airport and will be taking care of arwen while he's gone.

i didn't talk about sin city in part because i don't know how much there is to talk about. it's not a very complex film. it's a visually interesting and beautiful film, but the storylines & characters are equally as distant and flat and colorless. the role of women, as innocent angels or avenging angels, was really ridiculous.

i'm working with expedition 360 again; jason asked me to help him with a blog mailer for the indonesia journal, since the goal is to reduce the amount of time (read: money) updating via the satellite phone.

i still haven't practiced for the calligraphy class. i have a psu project due tomorrow that's been consuming my time.

i'm trying not to get sick. but i sure am tired.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

[#] [0]
i've got good teeth! my dentist says my teeth are in great shape. great news after paying $189 for the exam and bite wings. it's turning out to be a very expensive period; i realized i have to pay for deq & registration this month, and next month is my 6-month car insurance bill. good to get this all out of the way while i'm still working for psu, i suppose!

after the dentist i stopped at body shop, where they have -again- pulled a product i really enjoyed and i don't think i can go back there anymore. though right next door is d'lish, a local handmade bath/body company, so maybe i ought to be shopping there, anyway. certainly their stuff is yummy-looking, though unfortunately shampoo isn't really one of them.

when i stopped by safeway to pick up 8 boxes of sven's favorite cereal, i bumped into alex's amelia in the bakery isle. afterwards i stopped at sunday (39th & holgate) for a BLT, but hope to go back to sample their corn-flake crusted french toast.

now it's time to begin... work. :)

[#] [0]
bad money day:
* i forgot my wallet at the 5:55 p.m. showing of sin city. i had to go back around midnight to retrieve it.

* i just finished my taxes. i owe a total of $4242 (yowch!), though my total income was only $22,728. that's what happens when you're a contractor and nobody will take taxes out for you. and when multnomah county asks you to pay up for their special tax. -and- when you withdraw your whole pers account.

* washington mutual decided to do system maintenance on the night i paid all my bills & did my taxes.

the good news:
i paid off my student loan! so i am currently very broke, but most of my debts are settled! just trixie and a couple of very old personal debts to go.

Monday, April 04, 2005

[#] [0]
today is my resign-versary! i can't believe it's been two years now, which is half the time i was at csusm. i'm so glad i'm not in california anymore.