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Friday, September 30, 2005

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yes, we saw serenity tonight and i am not blogging about it for a week to give you a chance to see it. after that, all bets are off. :)

Thursday, September 29, 2005

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happy michaelmas, one and all! michaelmas, of course, is a revered holiday around here because of its namesake, mr. bowman. we shall feast at elephant's deli tonight and there will be presents. it's sort of his unbirthday. :) everybody wish him a happy michaelmas!

tonight is also serenity eve! we will gather at mph's to watch the final episode of firefly's ignobly short season, "objects in space."

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

[#] [1]
aeiieeee! why didn't tiger ship w/ palatino? it's my default text font (except in voodoopad). meh meh meh meh!
according to Rolf Nordahl at macintouch:
"Folks have asked: What happened to Palatino? Palatino is a Classic font. To enable it on the new MAChines, you install Classic (third CD--hardware test and other software). You have to start Classic once. Then Palatino will be seen in Mac OS X."

Andrew Main also writes,
"If you don't want to keep the Classic software on your HD, you can go into the OS 9 System Folder and copy out the fonts you want to keep (Charcoal, Chicago and New York are also Classic-only) before deleting it. I too was sorry to see Palatino disappear from OS X's hefty font collection -- I wonder why? -- but I note it is included with iWork. A beautiful Unicode version, Palatino Linotype, is included with Windows 2000/XP (and I've seen it available for download here and there on the Web), but I've found it behaves erratically in OS X, for reasons I don't understand."

SLam from the macnn forums writes,
"If you're looking for Apple's Palatino, you can find that with any old Mac OS 9-System 7.x installation. Look in your PowerBook G4 Software DVD for Classic. It's located in the following path:
/Volumes/PowerBook G4 Software/.images/OS9General.dmg
Just mount that and look for it in the Fonts folder inside System Folder."
so, there are some solutions. but why was this a problem that even needed to be solved? why did an upgrade actually remove a font? man, you can't count on -anything!-

update 09.28: btw, i actually already -had- iwork & classic installed, but on eliot everything got wiped out. :(. the iwork trial copy failed to install any new fonts when i entered its license key, so i'm left w/ digging around for classic.

update to the 09.28 update: okay, you can all stop panicking now! the esteemed michael hall is in the haus! (thanks, mph!)

update 09.29: of course, i should also mention michaelmas & markalope, both of whom recognized the edge of panic in my typing and offered to send me a copy. thanks, guys!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

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as the kind folks at blue cross/blue shield keep telling me, i have the best individual plan they offer (which, incidentally, has a $500 deductible and a $4000 coinsurance limit). but -none- of their individual plans covers contraception, including IUD removal or replacement, which i will need in a few years. "don't ask me why; i guess we'd rather pay for babies," said mary at customer service today. arrgghhh!

i may need to look for another health insurer, then. kaiser rejected me for having an abnormal pap smear several years ago, even though a follow-up appointment found nothing amiss, so it was likely a false positive or a smudged slide (i can reapply there in another two years). can anyone recommend another individual plan, or are you all gainfully employed w/ a good health insurance plan?

Monday, September 26, 2005

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carl is about to leave town again, on his way to georgia and eventually back to new york, so yesterday we took him out to breakfast at the cameo cafe. it's roly poly chestnut season in nw, and i love to collect pocketfuls of them, so smooth and burled.

later he came over to upgrade our three machines to (mac os) tiger. it was a long but relatively painless process (long especially thanks to eliot, leopoldo's old g3 ibook, who got the "erase & install" treatment): there was firefly & pizza, and only one thing is broken (augh! i can't publish my calendars to phpical! a good shared calendar creates a happier home...! ;).

speaking of firefly, serenity's this week! are you ready? :D i'm still impressed: re-watching firefly made me realize how -much- i squirmed and gasped and shuddered -- over the first half-season of a tv show! i read books that aren't even that good! even if the movie disappoints me, the tv show will still be great.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

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alas, the portland communique is no more! the one true b!x cancelled my paypal subscription last night. someone give that guy a job at powell's! ah, well, maybe we'll see him at serenity's opening night (less than a week!).

Saturday, September 24, 2005

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wow. carl significantly boosted the traffic to the scarlet letters when he referred 43 folders to sven's "notes on making art" essay a couple of days ago. it even got *gasp* comments! thanks, carl! :D

Monday, September 19, 2005

[#] [2]
i crashed stella today, inches away from a deep ravine in powell butte. miraculously, we both escaped unscathed. stupid pedal brakes.

michaelmas has just been promoted! he signed papers friday to make him psu's interim assistant university librarian of public services! he'll probably do that -and- his science reference librarian gig for a few years, then decide if he wants to try to take it on full-time.

in celebration of this & talk like a pirate day, sven & i took michaelmas to salvador molly's, which was great even though the service was slow, till a very loud group of pirates arrived and began riotously carousing across from our table.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

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jalex passed her national midwife exam, which was the final step in her journey to become a midwife! so to celebrate we took her to cafe dacx last night, which is unfortunately serving its last meal today: cafe dacx served the best portland salmon i've had (though the best salmon i've ever had is the teriyaki salmon i had w/ leeann, dean & ken in san francsisco).

wish i had more to write about here, but now that artist's way has begun, the rest of my life is happening at the scarlet star studios blog....

Sunday, September 11, 2005

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carl called us yesterday to tell us he discovered, "through an anonymous but trusted source," that tori amos would be playing a free (!) 5-song set at pioneer courthouse square. so we gathered w/ michaelmas and a few hundred other people at kink108's "live eight" concert, where a "super-secret guest" was going to arrive halfway through the lineup of otherwise unnotable bands. and when she appeared, it was brief and immediate: she launched into "crucify," then played the next songs with hardly any interaction or acknowledgement: "take to the sky," "sweet the sting," "silent all these years," "cars and guitars," and ended w/ "leather" as a bonus song. then she bounded off stage as quickly as she had come. for a free concert it was fabulous, and i was glad to get to see her after michaelmas decided he didn't want to go to the clark county concert, but i didn't get any sort of emotional presence from her.

Friday, September 09, 2005

[#] [0]
1. dan is back from burning man with the blog to prove it! i finished reading "this is burning man" on the last day of burning man and it made me cry a little: when burning man is good, it's very, very good.

2. the wednesday morning portland artist's way class is almost full! the tuesday night one oddly still only has one person enrolled. but the real surprise is the MAC class, which we've just cancelled today based on only two enrollments. i am both sad and relieved. :) having taught there once, it's way more crucial there be a decent core there than at the studio because the activities are limited and the space is less inviting.

3. have you ever tried to uninstall norton antivirus? jumping jesus on a pogo stick! there are at least a dozen library and preference files scattered across your hard drive and at least one hop into terminal. that's bad, bad ui.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

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the man is burning. right now.

spent the day w/ rob, kyrie & maya: we went to the hollywood farmer's market, saturday market, and art in the pearl before sven & i finally went home to fix a very fresh meal. our neighborhood's "bash on the butte" was still in full karaoke swing, but we watched firefly w/ the windows closed & it was tolerable. i think i've gotten more sun in the last week than i have in the last several months! sunblock is truly a modern miracle.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

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how to create a very nice day for yourself:

1. go to cannon beach. sing all the songs to "once more with feeling" on the way there. bring comfy camping chairs and a delectable picnic lunch with homemade chocolate chip cookies and cloth napkins. fly a kite. read "this is burning man."

2. rent recumbent funcycles and zip down the beach, chasing each other in circles. there will be adversity: one of you will be bitten by a wasp and the other will be bitten by the funcycle, and to escape she will have to unzip one of the legs off her burning man pants. don't let these things ruin your day. later, one of you will wake in the pre-dawn hours, sick and sweating, but at the moment you both remain blissfully ignorant of this.

3. ride all the way to haystack rock, where the tide is low enough to expose tide pools filles with starfish, sea anenomes and hungry seagulls picking at the barnacles.

4. eat a nice meal at the only known coastal restaurant w/ decent veggie options. drive home, put everything away, rinse off, brush & floss your teeth, and collapse satisfied into sleep.